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Mechanical Fuel Pumps

Fuel Pump Bracket Kit inc 1 HTD Belt $695

Crank Mandrel - Ross $242

Crank Mandrel - Modified for ATI $299 

28T Small sprocket $100 

56T Large Sprocket $129 

Waterman Drive Bracket - Driver side $320 

Waterman Drive Bracket - Passenger side $320 

Waterman Sprint 700 Pump (6.8 gpm) $1,295

Waterman Sprint 1300 Pump (13 gpm) $2,090

Magnafuel Pro Outlaw 1000 Pump (10.5 gpm) $949 

Enderle 110 Pump (13.0 gpm) $1,195 

Enderle 990 Pump (15.0 gpm) $1,295

HTD Belt 635 $30 Custom Fabricated Surge tank

HTD Belt 665 $35 Extra Cost

HTD Belt 700 $27

Fuel Surge tank 5.25l (no fittings) $549

Full Basic Pump setup would include:

- Fuel pump bracket kit, 

- Drive mandrel for balancer

- Small sprocket, large sprocket

- Waterman drive bracket and a fuel pump of choice.

Additionally brackets can be purchased separately.

Custom fabricated surge tank can be purchased at an extra cost.

Pricing includes GST

Shipping cost additional